Precious Moments

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Homemade Vanilla sponge cake with strawberry filling

I attempted to bake a "proper" layer cake that is fully frosted and decorated with fresh cream last 2 days. I was dead tired after the whole cake was finally done! By the way, the cake tastes good with the cream, strawberries and nutty almond combination. The sponge layer is sweet and moist, overall a tasty and delicious cake ;-))

Bak Chang aka. Rice Dumpling

I only started craving for it recently coz my friend has made his own Bak chang and gave some for me. Instead of hoping to have more bak chang to eat, I decided to make my own bak chang after for so many years of eating ppl bak chang.

Ingredients and preparations:

Marinated pork, heh bee, black eye pea, glutinous rice, mushrooms and dried oyster.
Chung leafs and dried grass when it is still dry. I have soaked in cool water for overnight.

Boiled for an hour in pressure cooker

The chung that I have made. Out of shape but at least they didn't burst open while it was boiling in the water. The wrapping process requires a lot of work, stuffing all the ingredients into the cone shaped bamboo leaves.

Taa daa..... my own homemade bak chang.

Nice?! Actually it was a bit salty but the taste was still delicious. I will make it again next time and improve my wrapping skill.

My friend who taught me how to wrap the bak chang.

Japan Day in Düsseldorf

We ate Ramen in one of those famous japanese restaurant in Düsseldorf

A group from Japan were performing Taiko (taiko is a word from japanese called drum) on the stage for at least an hour.

A group were performing the traditional old song during samurai's time.

Sumo competition

Animation's Costume competition

Taiko performance

Ikebana (Japanese flower arrangement)
The view during the Japan Day

Farewell Party

Danny is going to finish his study on August.

Hock is going back to Malaysia in the middle of July

Tharsis Teoh is going to graduate soon in the middle of August. I don't really like your beard. Please shave it before u really going back to Malaysia as to avoid havoc in Airport. They might thought u are terrorist!!

My homemade strawberry jelly

Homemade Blackberry Yoghurt cake for farewell's fellows.

Soon Wei( first front left). He is going back soon in 2 weeks time.

I wish u all the best in everything u do and success in finding job in Malaysia. God Bless U!!

Festival Camp in Stuttgart

Everyone gathered together at football court before the program started. This time we had almost more than 300 ppl attended the Festival Camp in 2009.

I liked this photos. My hubby was so cute when he carried the sleeping baby on his arm. I hope one day, he will carry our own baby to sleep. ;P

4 Charlie Angels

During worship session.

Beef BBQ (Niku yaki in Japanese)

The owner of the Niku yaki restaurant in Stuttgart. The couple ( Micheal and Izumi) are our best friends that we know in Stuttgart before we moved to Mülheim. I'm glad that they finally opened their own restaurant.

König Allee ( King's Street) in Stuttgart. It is a famous point of meeting ppl.

Summer BBQ at my balcony

Learning to play Diablo

Our Church was having spring picnic at Gruga Park in Essen. My hubby and I were learning to play one kind of sport instrument called Diablo, if I'm not mistaken.

My hubby is a quick learner. He can just threw up to the sky and catched it back with the string and rolled it again, which I can't do it.

I was trying to stabilize it before rolling the Diablo just like a yo-yo.